Custom cookies

Custom cookies start at $45 per dozen, for basic designs with limited colors. Any airbrushing, painting, writing, or metallic (gold/silver) embellishments are extra.  For orders of 1-2 dozens, we offer up to 4 designs.  For orders of 3 dozens or more, we offer up to 8 designs.  All cookies are individually sealed and bagged. 

Cookie flavors available are classic, birthday cake, red velvet, pandan coconut, cinnamon roll and matcha/green tea.  One flavor per dozen. 

All custom orders require a 2 weeks' notice and a 50% deposit is required to book. 


Cookie cream tarts

10" Letter or Number starts at $50

6"Number starts at $25

Choice of cookie flavor:

Classic, birthday cake, red velvet, pandan coconut, matcha/green tea

Choice of buttercream:

Vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, cream cheese

Available toppings:

Macarons, chocolates, flowers, fruit (seasonal)


Cookie Kits

All kits come with 3 bags of icing, 3 sprinkle packs, instruction card

6 cookie kits   $15

12 cookie kits $25